28. That’s the number of people who were baptized at Crossroads today. I served on the Connector Team that assisted those who had made a commitment to Christ. It was awesome. Most of the 28 who were baptized had not planned on it. Greg invited anyone who wanted to follow Christ to start by being baptized today. A couple of people did in the first service. But in the second service, a lot of people responded. I lost count. That is what it’s about!

I got to speak with one of the guys whose wife was baptized last month. They had been in and out of church for years. They had experienced some negative stuff at a church. But, they found a place at Crossroads where they felt comfortable and accepted (not only by God but other people). He had a huge smile on his face as he talked about following Jesus. That made me smile.

I really miss the thrill of ministry. Closing River Ridge was hard. I miss teaching the Bible each week and helping people grow in their faith. I miss baptizing people. Even though I miss all of the excitement of fhe ministry, it was a great day. I praise God that I had a chance to serve people today. I hope you’ll get involved in serving God too.