Well, it’s time agaoin for a short post on typos in some (or most, okay almsot all) of the posts in my blog. Yes, I know that I have misspelled some words already. I am not trying to impress an english teacher or show you how well I can type. For now, I am making a simple point. I make mistakes. I don’t always catch them (even though I try . . . sometimes).

When I sit down to write a post, I write whatever comes to mind. I guess my mind is pretty messed up at times. Anyway, I write and sometimes re-write a sentence or two and then forgot to go back and proof the whole thing. It’s not that I don’t care. Sometimes I am pressed for time. I wrote yesterday’s post while sitting in a Starbucks in between sales calls and had to hurry. I got home late and did not have time to go back and correct things. Sometimes I write early in the morning and have to do it in a hurry because I’ve got an early morning appointment. Sometimes I write after a 12 hour day and I’m just flat out tired.

This post is a combination of my thoughts about life, God, and faith. Many of them are kind of like my personal online diary. I want you to know what I’m thinging about life and serving God with the hope that I will encourage you to pursue Jesus in a deeper way. While I care about grammer and such, that is not the focus for me right now.

So, please excuse the typo’s. I’m not perfect; and neither are you for that matter! Aren’t you grateful that God looks at the heart and intention more than anything else. I am.