Rhonda and I started reading from the book of Job a couple of weeks ago. Wish we hadn’t done that! Last week we began to think we had too much in common with him.

It started when I put my I put the gear-stick in my truck in drive. I pressed the gas pedal and went nowhere. I waited awhile and finally got to going. This happened several times. So, I decided to take it into the shop. I didn’t want to do that because I had not sold a lot of alarm systems and my paycheck was going to be really small. Really really really small. But I had no choice; without transportation I could not work.

A couple of nights later we were awakened to a horrible noise. Our heat pump was acting up. It was cold outside. We were broke. There was no money to repair my truck and now the heater going out! Give me a break. It was 3:00 AM and I’m thinking all kind of stupid things:

  • Why did we start reading from the book of Job?
  • Why did we plant a church?
  • Why did God allow this happen?
  • We sacrificed so much so people could find real in Christ; is this what we get for following Jesus?
  • Why can I not sell more alarm systems?
  • Doesn’t God know how much we need to make to just pay the bills?
  • When is this going to be over?
  • Why am I thinking these things? God could make things worse!
  • God forgive me of all the sins I’ve ever committed.

I thought my pleas with God would make things better. Wrong. Thursday morning I woke up with a familiar pain – kidney stones. Yep, that’s right. But the pain was the worse I’ve ever felt. Before long I’m begging for mercy and relief. I wanted relief but did not want to go the hospital because I knew it would cost money (do you see a theme here?). I could not take it and went to the hospital.

A part of me wanted to tell Rhonda that we needed to stop reading from the book of Job. I was afraid of what else could happen. I did not want anything else to happen. I was tired and weary. I just wantet things to get back to normal. I wanted to be a pastor again. I wanted to stop living by faith and enjoy a little living by sight! When will the journey change?

Well, we finished Job last night. I had a thought I believe was from God. If not, it was a good thought and I’m going to follow through on it. I’m not sure what going to happen when I do it. I just need to do it.

Are you enjoying life? Do you feel like you’re playing the star role in a biblical tragedy? Are you Job or Jonah or someone else? If so, just savor the moment and learn from it. God has not left you. He will walk with you. He will help you get through it. Just praise him for who he is and trust him no matter.

1 Comment on Too much in common?

  1. Deb says:

    You DID help people find real life in Christ. Things haven’t been the same for me (in a very good way) since I found that River Ridge card in the mail over two years ago! [And I miss River Ridge so much 🙁 ]

    I’m sorry for all of the stress and strife you’re experiencing. I do admire your faith and am so glad you share your experiences with us. Often, you describe things that help me so much in my journey–helps me realize that I’m not the only one experiencing certain stresses, struggles and questions. Thank you, Sam!