The icy roads from our recent artic blast (we’ve gone from global warming to global freezing Al) has caused a few cars in the metro Atlanta area to play a game of bumper cars. I enjoy hopping in a bumper car and having some fun, but cars are not designed for it. I don’t think there have been any serious injuries; just a whole lot of slipping and sliding.

So, the next time the roads are icy here’s a short list for you:

  1. Don’t drive unless it is an emergency
  2. Drive slowly
  3. Do not tailgate
  4. Resist the urge to slam on your brakes if you hit an icy spot
  5. Stay home & relax

Experts might give better advice. But I wanted to give my 2 cents worth whether you wanted it or not.

You cannot see black ice on a road. You know the chances are great that it’s there. You know it’s dangerou. But, for some reason you think that you’re man (or woman) enough to handle it. Fat chance! Most people freak out when they hit it and end up kissing someone’s bumper. You lost control on something that is almost impossible to keep control on. Before you go blaming the black ice, just remember that you’re the one who decided that you could handle it. Instead, it handled you!

Now for some spiritual truth . . . Life is filled with spots of black ice. Spiritual black ice is anything sinful (like adultery or stealing).  You know it’s wrong. You know you shouldn’t do it. But, you reasoned that you’re a big boy (or girl) who could handle it. Wrong. It will handle you every time you play with it. After it throws it down it will pick you right up and do it again. So, don’t drive on any road with black ice. Avoid them!