Have you ever been on one of those team building retreats? I have. Someone in the group will put on a blindfold, turn their back to their peers, and then fall backward from a platform of some sort. The rest of the group has been instructed to catch the person who just jumped off! Of all those times I’ve seen it done, the skinny person always gets picked to fall into the waiting arms below.

Now, if you’re the skinny person falling down you’ve got to believe that your friends or co-workers are going to catch you. You get to hear the instructions of how they are going to do it; hear them getting ready and in position; listen to some goofball tell you that you’re going to die; and then hear the countdown of when to fall backwards. I guess it can be pretty scary.

But, really. Come on. It’s pretty easy to trust others in a situation like that. You have a strong confidence that you will not fall down.

Compare that to trusting God. He does not speak in an audible voice. You cannot see him working behind you (or in front of you). All you got is a book of promises (the Bible) that was written a long long long time ago by a bunch of different guys, your past experience, and the testimony of others. When you can’t see where you’re going and you feel like you’re falling down an abyss, it can be tough to trust God.

Sometimes life takes some real faith. The writer of Hebrews wrote that “faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see” (Hebrews 11:1).

God simply says, “Trust me. I will catch you!”