For the second night in a row, the tv is off. It’s really weird. No sound. No moving images. Nothing. It’s really quiet in the house.

Now, you may be wondering what’s wrong. Did our tv break? Did we forget to pay our cable bill? Neither one. Nothing’s wrong. Rhonda and I decided last month to go on a 40 day tv fast in the evening. So, instead of watching something meaningless on the tube, we’re spending the time praying and reading the Bible.

Ever since River Ridge closed, we kind of feel lost (not lost like we’re going to hell lost!). For two people who have been at the center of full-time ministry for more than 25 years, we just feel like a car without a garage or a pea without a pod. We need to grow a little deeper in our love for Jesus. So, we’ve given up tv in the evening for a while so we spend more time with Jesus (I need to work on hearing his voice in the midst of life’s chatter).

Who knows . . . by the end of our 40 day tv fast maybe we’ll know the next step God wants us to take!