Christmas is over! The new year is now underway. Now that things are getting back to normal (whatever that means to you), I wonder if you got everything you wanted or asked for during Christmas? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you did not get everything you asked for. Were you bummed? Did it ruin Christmas for you.

As a 4th grade kid I wanted one of those creepy crawler bug maker machines. You poured some kind of plastic goo into a machine that would heat it up and then pour the melted goo into a bug mold. After it cooled, you had a bug! It looked totally awesome. I wanted one. I did not get one. But Jimmy, a friend who lived down the road from me, got one. It was pretty cool, but it got old real quick. And, I survived without getting what I wanted.

Yesterday at Crossroads Greg started a new series called “Next.” One of the verses he referred to really got to me to thinking. Jesus asked, “What do you want?” (see John 1:35-40). Has anyone ever asked you what you want? Of course someone has asked you that question.

But, what if the creator of the universe asked you what you wanted. What would you say?

I’ve thought alot about that question since yesterday. I’m going to give it alot of thought over the next few days. I want to make sure that I ask for something a lot more important than a creepy crawler bug maker!