I finally shut down River Ridge Church’s site last night. I had been putting it off because I have been so busy with my new job at Protection One and was not sure how to do it correctly. Anyway, in the process of speaking with two different techs at Blue Host, we got it done. But, I lost everything on this site!

I thought I had everything backed up correctly. After working on getting the site back up for about an hour, I gave up. I called support at Bluehost.com this afternoon and spoke with a wonderful tech who worked with me for over an hour. She was wonderful! And, she got me back up and running.

I know a few things about the web, but this project was way over my head. I had to ask for help. Some people do not want to ask for help. When you are in over your head or face something that you cannot do, you are wasting time and resources. That costs you and your organization. So, why not ask for help? It’s really okay to get a little help every now and then.

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