Making the transition from full-time pastor to church planter was tough for me. For one, that is what I had prepared to do and had been doing for 20 years. The salary was known and stable. And, I really enjoyed preaching and teaching every week. Becoming a church planter required me to walk away from a world that I was comfortable with. Since I was confident of God’s call, I followed and trusted Him to provide everything Rhonda and I needed.

We worked hard laying the foundation, building a core team, raising money, doing community outreach, launching a new church, and making disciples. Despite our best efforts, the economy, a housing shut-down, and other factors were just too much for a young church to keep going.

So, what am I to do now? I may be “in-between” ministries right now, but I am certain that God will use an RSC (residential security consultant) to fulfill His purpose. The job I started today at Protection One Securities may not be a professional ministry position, but God does not waste any experience. So, until the next “church job,” I will joyfully serve Jesus as an RSC.

Changing your perspective from an earthly to a heavenly one will give you purpose and direction. It will enable you to praise God in all circumstances. So, if you are not happy, or even thinking about being joyful, start looking up instead of focusing on you!

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2 Comments on God Will Use an RSC

  1. Deb says:

    Well said. Your words are awesome! Just think how He may use this message for someone who reads this posting or hears of it from on of your readers!