packing_boxI have been packing up River Ridge’s stuff this week. It’s really weird that it has to be done, but it must be done. I am also creating an inventory of everything as well. Rhonda and I have moved several times. Neither of us enjoy moving or packing. Usually packing means you’re moving to something you planned on or anticipated. That is not why I’m packing; I am packing because River Ridge is no longer meeting as a church plant.

I wish that River Ridge would have “made it” as a church that impacted the lives of hundreds. It was hard to close, but I know it was the right thing to do. In the past few weeks I have gotten several phone calls and emails that have been very encouraging. I really appreciate your prayers and concern. Thank you! Many have asked what we’re going to do next. Right now, I don’t know. I am starting with Protection One next week. As far a ministry goes, I don’t know what God has in store. I’m waiting on Him to show me.

While some may consider River Ridge a failure, I don’t. Neither do most of those who were a part of River Ridge. Most of the people who were a part of River Ridge did not attend church before River Ridge. They were not pursuing an intimate relationship with Jesus. They were not giving an offering to a church. They were not involved in a small group. They were not serving in ministry. Almost everyone (around 50 people) who was a part of River Ridge for more than a year are still going to church and are growing in their love for Jesus.

So while River Ridge is not meeting as a church anymore, it was a success! That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

2 Comments on Packing Up!

  1. Andygoswick says:

    I totally concur. We are so thankful as we’ve said so many times that RiverRidge was a wonderful chapter in our families life-I am SO proud to have been a part. To be honest, I hate to call things a “failure.” The reason? Failure is defined as:

    1. an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success: His effort ended in failure. (

    So based on the definition, if you don’t put any more effort, if you don’t at least try or attempt, then THAT’S a failure.. A lot of people perceive failing as something going wrong however, they correct their mistakes and attempt again therefore, it’s not failing. I call it: Heavenly Weights… Weights make you stronger as long as you use them on a consistent basis and sometimes you don’t get the weight up like you should-does that mean you fail? No, you try and try again until one day your goal is reached. That’s indicative of life and how we should treat things which “go wrong, don’t work out” or other adjectives we use to describe what happens when we don’t succeed. We have to keep trying and trying until you succeed. Sometimes we have to take a different route or different way than we had planned; God knows that and He brought you that way for a reason. God’s reasoning is so much bigger than we are.. So, failure….what do you think about it now??

  2. sgwin says:

    How strange it seems not have our get togethers WHEREEVER they might have been (and there were many :)). But rest assured River Ridge was a huge success in my book. Church isn’t the building, location, or money (or lack of in our case), or even how long our doors were open. It’s the people. We fell in love with our church family of RiverRidge. It’s the separation of our church family that makes us so sad. Without a doubt, God used RiverRidge to His Glory and it brought honor to His name. We love and miss each of you so much and our lives were richly blessed because of this church. Grace and peace, Shannon