Worship style is one of those hot buttons in church life. I have served in churches that have had discussions on the right way to worship. I have been in the war. I have interviewed with churches in the midst of the battle who wanted a pastor to solve it for them. I have seen churches and Christians sever relationships over style. And I am convinced that most Christians who attend church regularly don’t really understand the bottom line.

If you are one of those people, watch this video featuring Ed Stetzer and Mike Harland. The video is almost an hour long, but it is very good. Do NOT skip through it! You will miss something. You will not get the whole story. Skipping in this case is nothing more than spiritual laziness that dishonors God. If you want to get a biblical understanding of what real worship is all about, watch this video.

Reverence vs Relevance from LifeWay Productions on Vimeo.