Life is draining.  Throw in planting a church, or anything else that ticks off Satan, and you’ll be running on man power before long.  I don’t want to depend on what I can do.  Rather, I want to stay spiritually strong.  When I sensed God leading me to start River Ridge Church, I knew that intimacy with him was going to be a key value.

Knowing God intimately is the only way to stay spiritually strong.  For me, there is no other way or magic formula.  I’ve known this for a long time.  But doing it is not always easy.  Basically, being intimate with God means that I spend time with God.  Spending time with God is more than reading or studying the Bible and spending time in prayer.  That’s a part of it.  Staying spiritually strong requires that I have to recognize God’s voice.  It means that I’ve got to be honest with God about everything in my life (including struggles, temptations, and even anger).  Staying strong means yielding my will to God and trusting him with my life

Basically, staying spiritually strong is the result of nurturing your relationship with Jesus.