I called McDonald’s several times this morning to order the biscuits.  Everytime I called I got their fax machine.  I even looked the number up to see if I had the right number.  I did.  It was right.  Since I had to drive into town anyway, I stopped by McDonald’s and ordered 75 sausage biscuits.  I’m picking them up Friday morning at 6:30 AM. 

In case you’re wondering why we’re getting the biscuits from McDonald’s and the coffee from Starbucks, here’s why.  Starbucks sells a container that’ll keep the coffee warm for up to 4 hours!  No one else can do that.  Also, McDonald’s did not have a way to brew 75 cups of coffee quickly.  I’ll be at Starbucks at 6:15 AM to get the coffee.

Carlton and I will be at the schools around 7:00 to set up the tent and table.  Around 7:15 we’ll start giving away biscuits and coffee.