A lot of people want to know God’s will. I am one of them. For most of us though, the answer to that question is often “self-centered.” We want what we want and then began to rationalize our circumstances, prayers, feelings, and even the Bible to “fit” into the mold of our will. If we are not careful, we may end up with our “will” (or wishes) instead of God’s. That’s a dangerous road to travel on.

So, how can you avoid getting on the wrong road? How can you separate your will from God’s? Henry Blackaby suggests in “Experiencing God” that you start by looking to see where God is working around you and in your life. If you are a Christ-follower who is reading the Bible, the Holy Spirit will show you when and where God is working. Sounds easy!

But it is not always easy. Why? In a nutshell, knowing God’s will is more about our relationship with Him than anything else. We want things to work like this: “God, what is your will? What do you want me to do?” After saying a simple prayer we expect God to just answer right then, to show us the sign, to write it in the sky. We don’t want to play games; we don’t want to wait; we don’t want to play “hide and seek.” We just want the answer so we can get on with life.

But God is more interested in the relationship than we are. He longs for an intimate love relationship with us. And that takes time and energy on our part. So, where is God at work around you? Get out a Bible and start reading. Then, ask God to show you where He is working around you in light of what is in the Bible.