addictThis Sunday in our “My Secret” series I will be talking about addiction. Do you know what some top addictions are? They are more common than you might realize! This message is so important because our culture is being torn apart by addictions. The addict, family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers suffer because of addictions.

People become addicted to something because the behavior affects our emotions. For a brief moment the pain of life is lessened by some behavior. If we enjoy that feeling we are tempted to feel it again and again. The problem is that it takes more of the “feel-good” action to get the “high” we are looking for. That’s why we eat more and more or gamble more and more.

As the need for those emotional highs increases, so does the guilt over our behavior. We want to stop but find it difficult to do it. If we do, we feel really bad: emotionally and maybe even physically. Some addictions, like drugs or alcohol, really take a toll on our bodies.

This message this Sunday is important. You need to be here. You need to invite someone. Better yet, just bring them. It is time to end the secret and face reality. It is time to experience some peace. I promise this message will be one of hope rather than condemnation. I want you to leave the service knowing you are loved and give you what you need to leave the chains of addiction at the door.

Let’s do it!