Addiction is real. It can be mild and slightly harmful. But an addiction can be powerful and very harmful. Here are a few addictions (some you have heard about and some that may surprise you):

  • alcohol
  • applause
  • cola
  • crack
  • exercise
  • food
  • internet
  • nicotine
  • porn
  • shopping
  • television

Addiction is one of the toughest problems facing our culture today. Our “feel good right now” mentality actually feeds the addictive process. In fact, most people don’t become addicted to drugs, alcohol, or sex just for the fun of it. There are usually reasons why an addiction happens. And these same reasons make an addiction difficult to stop.

And here’s a kicker about an addiction you may have … you keep it a secret. The guilt can be overwhelming. You want to stop but don’t know how. Find hope and forgiveness this Sunday.