One of the things God challenged me about at the church planters conference was being a healthy leader.  For me, one of the things I need to do a better job of is managing my time.  So, this afternoon I started the process by cleaning my office.  I realized that I’m not going to make the most of my day if I don’t deal with piles of papers.  I was not enjoying my day.

As I sat there sifting through papers, I had time to think about how things could be better.  Isn’t it funny how easy and quickly you can fall down into a valley after a mountaintop experience?  Anyway, I was having a little pity party about paying for the Egg Drop and other needs.  I wondered if we would ever break 100 in attendance, find a band, and have other staff join our team.

Our small group was meeting at our house tonight.  The phone rang as we neared the end of the meeting.  It was my mom.  “I guess congratulations are in order,” she said.  I was confused.  As far as I knew, Rhonda was not having a baby!  My mom told me that Dexter Baptist Church (my family’s church) had decided to send River Ridge $5,000 to help us out!

Wow!  I was floored.  Tears filled my eyes.  I never imagined or dreamed that God would do that.  But He did.  He promised that He would do more than we could ever imagine or dream.  And He did.  The Lord continues to show me that River Ridge is His dream.  Praise God!!!  May we be faithful to reach people.

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  1. jennifer says:

    WOW !!! God is awesome and He does provide!