rgw_rude_wideweb__470x404,0This morning Rhonda and I went Andy’s graduation ceremony (he was getting his Master of Arts in Education). We found Kim and sat down next to her and her parents. The folks sitting next to me (no relation to Andy or Kim) were texting or chatting on their phones. They did stand up to let us through, but continued to play on their phones.

The program started, and the woman sitting next to me was still on her phone taking up more than her fair share of real estate. We were asked to stand for the presentation of the colors, and she stayed on her royal typing away. She stayed in her seat throughout the entire presentation of the colors. I came real close to saying something.

I love my country. I respect the sacrifices of those who fought to give us the freedom we enjoy. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re asked to stand for a few minutes when our flag is presented the least you can do is put your phone down, stand up, and show a little appreciation for the freedom you enjoy as an American.

After sitting down I decided to claim the real estate that was rightfully mine. No more “Mr. Nice Guy.” I’m sure my attitude (and maybe my actions) were less than Christian. I crossed my leg, sat with my back squarely on the back of my chair, and moved my right arm to the back of my chair. Oh yes, I was tough! I think my arm made it a little difficult for her to keep typing on her phone. She chatting, or whatever she was doing, throughout the entire program (except for a brief moment when she shouted for the person she came to see get her diploma).

Okay, here’s the thing … if you are attending a public event (like a graduation ceremony or church) turn your phone off and put it in your pocket! If you can’t live without emailing, chatting, facebooking, or texting for an hour or so, stay home. Perhaps you need to see a doctor for disruptive behavior disorder. And when the American flag is presented, stand up! Also, don’t take up more real estate than your own. Consider those sitting next to you.

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