6ftladder-main_fullI fell off the ladder about 4 weeks ago. The elbow and foot are not completely healed, but they are getting better. I did not fall far, but the pain and consequences are still real. Here a few things we could learn from my fall …

  • When I set-up the ladder, I put it on uneven ground, so it was wobbly … Without the firm foundation of a close walk with Jesus Christ, your life will be wobbly. A little faith, a little prayer, a little worship, or a little bit of Bible reading is better than nothing, but it is like putting your life on uneven ground. Deepen your walk with Jesus to remove some “wobbles.”
  • I knew the ladder was not as stable as it could have been, but I climbed it anyway … God has a way of letting us know when we should step away from a situation (that little small quiet voice in our head screams, “Don’t do it!”). When the warning bells go off and the alarm sounds that something is not right, listen! In those cases, don’t take the risk.
  • With each step up the wobbly ladder, my confidence grew, so I climbed higher … Sin has a way of luring us into a false sense of security. You know you should not look at something, long for something, or lust after something. But as you walk down “temptation alley” your confidence and desire grows because their does not appear to be any real consequence with each step. You are blinded by your desire and fail to see the potential pain that lies ahead.
  • When I reached the top of the ladder, I ignored the danger and focused on my goal … We can get so focused on the desires of our heart that we fail to see or hear the warning bells go off. Pride is sneaky; it ignores the real wisdom that only comes from God. If you are determined to do something on your own, regardless of the cost to you and others, watch out. Pride comes before the fall!

I’m sure there are many other lessons from my fall that we could learn … so, share yours with the world as well! Just log in (create a username if you don’t have one) and share your thoughts.