This past Friday I decided that my foot was doing well, so I took the boot off and mowed the lawn. It was a little painful.  But it was not too bad. By Sunday afternoon the foot was not getting better . . . nor was it getting worse. Rhonda (and a few others) suggested that I put the boot back on so it could fully heal from the sprain.

So, I decided to put it back on yesterday. I’m back to walking with a limp. The foot is feeling better, so I guess I did rush things a bit. It’s not the first time I’ve rushed things (probably won’t be the last either).

Here’s the point: some things should not be rushed. Some things are meant to be “slow cooked!” Planting a church is one of them. Building a strong marriage is another. Raising kids who love Jesus is still another one. So, don’t rush things. Enjoy life!