I didn’t write anything yesterday.  I had wanted to but I just ran out of time.  My parents stopped by for a brief visit yesterday and I wanted to spend some quality time with them.  They are on their way to visit the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and may even swing by the Redwood National Park.  I’ve been to Hoover Dam, but I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon (except from an airplane at 30,000 feet) or the Redwood forest.

Anyway, we had a great visit.  I had to check out their massive camper (a 33′ long beast packed with all kinds of man stuff).  I cooked some steaks and shrimp on the grill (Matt, my grill cooks better steaks than your grill).  We talked about a lot of stuff: family, our churches, and life.  I gave my mom a Mother’s Day card with a little something for her to treat herself while traveling the great west.

Our visit ended this morning.  My dad has been wanting to go out west for a long time.   I know they’ll enjoy the trip.  Both of them have earned it and deserve it.  Maybe me and Rhonda will do that someday …

1 Comment on Spent time with my parents

  1. Tim O says:

    Thats Awesome You are so blessed to have both of your folks and they still have such good health God bless them !

    I know they will enjoy The Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam as I have been blessed to have been to both of these amazing places and stood before both of them in awe and to think what God made WOW!

    We all need to keep them in our prayers for traveling