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Pay It Forward

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  1. Charles says:

    When I heard the message last week entitled “Pay it Forward” I thought it was a good idea. I was really excited to Pick up my envelope and to see what was inside. I wondered all Sunday afternoon about how I could bless someone’s life and came up with a few Ideas. Sadly I must admit that as Monday rolled around into Tuesday, to Thursday I had not forgotten but it had taken a back seat to my otherwise hectic life. It was Friday morning when I heard a song that put it all in prospective for me. I listened to a new song called “The 21st Time“. The song is incredible on so many levels. The third verse is what really puts it all in perspective. Especially at this time of year. It says When I need a Savior I found it in Him, He gave to me now Ill give back to them. At that point I realized that not having my eyes open I had passed countless opportunities to pay it forward. To help someone at the gas pump, The man on the corner, the Hungary child. Its now Sunday again and with a heart of conviction and my eyes wide open to what they were ignoring before, I plan on paying it forward today and I hope you will to.

  2. mhilton says:

    We kept our money in my purse for 2 weeks waiting on the perfect family. We didn’t cross paths with a family that we could see was in need so we used the money along with some of our own to help sponsor DFAC’s children. My sister sponsored 20 families in Carroll County so we used the money to help her in buying clothes and toys for the children.

  3. Sam says:

    Rhonda and I were out shopping this past Saturday. While exiting I-20 onto I-285, a guy was waving people down. I pulled over even though I wasn’t sure if he was legit. He told us that he had broken down and needed $65 cash for the tow truck. He wanted to know if we could spare $5, which was the amount of cash in my envelope. I handed the cash and card, explained we were givng away cash to share God’s love, and asked him to help someone down the road.

  4. Lauren says:

    Mine is REALLY long, but really amazing too!!

    I missed the first kick off sunday of the “Pay it Forward” ministry, so the next Sunday, when Pastor Sam was explaining what the church was doing, I took two envelopes.

    The first one I had was $20, and the second was $10. I prayed everyday for which people would receive the money, and asking God to show me who they were, when the time was right.
    So a week goes by, and so far, I had had nothing.

    The next week, I went to a bible study at West Ridge Church. At the end of the meeting, we prayed over needs in the group. This one girl spoke out about how she had had a really rough week, and had gotten two tickets in two days, and her job had severely cut her hours, and she just really felt down on her luck.

    Immidiately, I knew how she felt (not had having the best past two weeks myself either). So I prayed, and God relvealed to me that the 20 dollar bill was for this girl. So I went over to hger (being a complete stranger at the time) and explained what our church was doing, and that I knoew what she was going through, and just began to speak to her what I felt God wanted me to say.
    The girl began crying, and told me that she wan’t even going to go the metting that night, but something inside of her said to go, and that this act of kindness, was the spark of faith that she needed.

    I was blessed just being able to help her out. BUT, God’s plan was sooo much greater that night than anything I could have expected! As soon as I finished talking to that girl, someone else at the bible study pulled me aside. They explained that God had laid it on their heart to help me out, knowing that I had just totaled my car. That person wrote a 1500 dollar check and told me to use it towards fixing my car!! And the coolest thing was, they told me, “don’t pay it back, pay it foward.”

    So a few days went by, and I knew I still had one more envelope. I was starting to think I was never going to have an opporotunity to give it away, when I went out to eat after church.

    Our waitress, you could tell, wa really stressed. But it was made quite obvious, when she accidentally dropped our food all over my brother’s back. I thought it was funny, and my brother wasn’t upset, we just kept saying that it was fine. But the waitress strating shaking and crying, and then her manager came and yelled at her (in front of us) and really embarrased her. So my heart immidiately felt for her. I had been in that same situation (accidentally spilling a milkshake all over someone when I worked fast food).

    So I began to write her a note. I told her how much God loved her, and not to worry about my brother’s clothes, becuase that’s what washing machines are for, and that everything was fine. I explained what our church was doing, and invited her to come. And I told her that I had done the same thing at one of my jobs. And I placed the note in the envelope with the 10 dollars, and left it one the table for her.

    BUT, ONCE AGAIN, you can’t out give, or bless God. Get this!

    The very next day, I received an annonymous Christmas card in the mail. NO return adress, no signature. Inside, the card read : God laid it on my heart to send you this for school. Use it for the reat of your tuition next semester, and for you books.

    Inside that card was 2600 dollars (the exact amount needed for my college next semester)!! And I have no clue who it is from.

    So after all that, it is just SO amazing to see how God worked in my life, and in the lives of those people. It really restored a renewed sense of faith in GOD’s provision. And was awesome how I was able to shre my faith and testimony to the poeple I gave my money to, by having been in similar situations.

    God is amazing! And I have learned that no matter how much we pay it forward, HE can always do better!! : D

  5. Amber M says:

    Let me preface this story by saying, as soon as I heard we were doing this “Pay it Forward” thing, I was totally excited to see just what GOD was going to do through us as a church to help our community. I began immediately praying for exactly how I was to use the money I received. I prayed and prayed. And felting nothing specific. I came up with some really cool ideas; just not what I felt was right for me.

    First Envelope- $20:
    Sunday after church Charles and I went to enjoy quintessential southern food at its best. None other than “scattered, smothered, covered” and grease coated WH (that’s Waffle House for any newbie’s to the south). We sat, loaded up on fat and cholesterol, and just talked and listened to all the, always, interesting conversations going on around us. After our arteries were fully clogged we decided to head to the Wal-Mart to buy gifts for the Fairplay family we are helping this Christmas and to return our Red Box movie rentals ($1 for a new release, need I say more???).

    With the car loaded up, we headed home, only to realize we hadn’t returned to movies. As I was getting out of the car to take the movie in, it hit me like a ton of bricks. “Hey maybe you should have used your money at the WH.” Well of course that was it!!! And how easy it is that we sometimes ignore that still small voice of God.

    As I said before, we (mostly me) had been listening to the conversations going on around us. I had overheard our waitress tell another table (apparently “regulars”) about helping her sister out for Christmas this year because her brother in-law had lost his job a few months back, and as you can imagine money is very tight.

    With a boost of confidence from my husband (as this is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone) I marched back into and now empty Waffle House, to find our waitress. There was defiantly a look of recognition on her face as I walked over to her. I proceeded to tell her I had overheard the conversation about her sister and handed her the $20 bill and asked her to give it to her sister and to tell her Merry Christmas from River Ridge Church and we hoped it would help make their Christmas a little better. Well the look of shock and obvious gratitude was well worth my few moments “un-comfort.”

    Second Envelope- $10:
    I work in Downtown Atlanta, and in not what I would call the safest of areas. There is an old, grown up abandoned road next to our parking lot, which serves as home to a man and his van. He has never caused any problems, he has even come down on occasion to see if we have and odd jobs he can do for money. I have been at the credit union almost a year and I pass right by this man every morning and afternoon, he is always there.

    So we have decided to collect money and put it in a Christmas card, simply signed Merry Christmas and God Bless You. And have one of our guys take it to him. Just maybe he can have a good meal and hot shower for Christmas.

    God has made it more clear, than ever, that there are hurting and struggling people all around us. And if we time the time to slow down and show His love to others, what a great impact we can have on our community.

  6. deanna says:

    I had been carrying my envelope in my purse for 2 weeks expecting someone in need to just appear before me and I would give them the money and that would be that. It wasn’t quite that easy. I had prayed about it over and over and I just had not encountered anyone that I felt was truly in need. Finally, yesterday, I asked the director of my daughter’s preschool if there was anyone in my daughter’s class that she knew of who might be having a hard time financially. She said not in her class, but there was someone, a teacher there, who needs help pretty badly. She is a refugee from Hurricane Katrina, a single mom with 2 children who lost everything in the hurricane and had no insurance. She was getting back on track but recently had a couple of financial setbacks. I knew who the teacher was, my daughter was in her class for a short time last year but I did not know her background until yesterday. She was always very kind to my daughter and after nearly a year my daughter still peeps her head in that class to say hi to her a couple of times a week. After speaking with the director I went back to my car, got the envelope with the $50 in it and went to her class. I told her about River Ridge and what we were doing and then I handed her the money and Sam’s card. She began to cry and so did I. She told me that last week she bought a toy to give to Toys for Tots. She said she just felt it was something she had to do even though when she did it she didn’t know how she was going to pay for her own children’s Christmas. She was very grateful and gave me the warmest smile I think I have ever seen. What a great feeling to share God’s love with someone like her.

  7. I have been reading the messages and I am very impressed.I think we will do this in our family at Christmas.Just think how far all this will go and the many people that can get a blessing out of it.

  8. Charles says:

    It’s really hard to follow the other posts here. I believe that God shows us his love and teaches us compassion each in our own way. Let me just say before continuing that I am not a very compassionate person. For me it was Thursday night. I had been praying for just the right time to come along where I would run into a person than really needed help and one that I thought needed it. Well God taught me Thursday to be a little more compassionate. I travel along allot of the same routes in my day to day travels and every once in a while I’ll see the occasional beggar wanting something for nothing but they usually disappear come night or bad weather. Something told me that the young man that I saw before me was the one. Shivering in the pouring down rain and 40 degree weather he stood holding a simple cardboard sign with the letters barely legible (Hungry). At first glance I turned my head but I believe there was a reason that light was stuck on red for so long and I was where I was. I rolled down my window looked at the man and as I handed him a $20.00 and a card I said, “God loves you, Our Church loves you, and we want you to have this. Go get yourself a warm meal and out of this weather”. 2 words were all he said as he walked away GOD BLESS.