air-conditionerTim and I are pulling the cable tonight for 2 window air conditioner units.  We’ll be drilling holes, pulling wire, installing boxes & outlets, and hooking one up to feel the cool breeze.  It’s getting that time of year when it’s going to get hot.

Since this is temporary, I don’t really want to buy a unit.  Tim is letting us use one.  Do you have one we can use?  It needs to be a small window unit that uses stanard 110 current that we can easily move each week.  Due to homeowner stuff I can’t install a huge window unit that requires one of those special plugs.

Anyway, kudos to Tim for helping us out with a window unit and getting the electrical wired up.  We’ve got the coolest garage in town . . . a place where Jesus is praised each week!

1 Comment on Getting the A/C Ready

  1. Deb says:

    Cool (Pun intended!) And Yay, Jesus!!

    Thanks Tim; YOU DO ROCK, DUDE!!