A few weeks ago we found out that Rhonda has a cataract on each eye.  She knew her vision was not as good, but thought it was her glasses.  The kind she has in not the most common one which affects people as they age (so I can’t give her a hard time about being old).  Her cataracts are in the center of her eye at the back of her lens.  I think they’re called subcapsular cataracts.  She’s going to get the first one removed in the morning.  The whole procedure will take about 30 minutes.

She could leave them as they are.  But, they’ll only get bigger and cause her vision to become more blurred.  She does not want that.  Rhonda would rather see things more clearly.

Sometimes our spiritual vision is blurred.  We may think every is fine.  We may even feel like we’re seeing God and his will for us clearly.  Or, maybe we know our spiritual vision is blurred and our idea of fixing it is wrong.  If your spiritual vision is blurred, I suggest you get back to the basics: prayer, Bible reading, and mature Christ-followers.  Don’t act until you get a clear picture of God’s direction.  Often, that will only come after you’ve allowed God to remove the “cataract” that was hindering you from seeing clearly.

So, get out your Bible and study it.  Talk with God about everything.  Be honest.  Share your thoughts with a trusted friend who will be honest with y0u and who is pursuing a love relationship with Jesus (preferably someone who is more mature in their faith than you).

You don’t have to live with blurred spiritual vision.

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  1. robinedmonds says:

    Rhonda you are in my prayers, Sam you are so right about seeing things more clearly spiritually. I have struggled to read my bible and pray everyday like I should, but I can tell a difference in the days I do and the days a don’t.