Rhonda and I got back to our date night tonight.  It’s been a while since we really did one.  Both of us have been working hard at work, but have not really taken time to forget about River Ridge (yes, it’s important) and Austin Middle School (yes, it’s important).  We needed to get away.

So, I called her up and asked her if she’d like to have dinner and go see a movie.  We had a burger, fries, and a sweet peanut butter chocolate milkshake at Johnny Rockets.  She had wanted to see “Atonement,” so I was game for a chick-flick.  The guys who produced “Pride and Prejudice” also did this one.  We enjoyed it, so we thought this would be good too.

STAY AWAY.  Don’t pay to see it.  Wait until it comes out on one of the network stations.  This is one dumb movie with a ridiculous ending.  I laughed as we walked out of the theater.  Not because it was funny.  I was amazed at logic behind the ending of this movie.  Rhonda didn’t care for the movie.

While it was not the best movie we have seen, I enjoyed the evening.  I was with the love of my life.  I enjoyed her company.  It was a great date.