andyI figured out a way to update River Ridge’s website today.  After doing it though, I found out that the program I used to upload the changes was no longer there (don’t you just love computer repairs).  Anyway, I figured out how to do it, and in the process I deleted Andy’s blog from the server!  As of right now, he does not have a blog.

Sorry dude.  I didn’t mean it or intend to do it.  If you did not have a backup of your files, you lost everything!  My bad.  I called on tech master Charles to undelete Andy.  Charles simply asked me, “How on earth?”  I guess I owe him a “I’m sorry” too.

I’m going to backup my site just in case something happens.

2 Comments on I deleted Andy!

  1. Doris Braswell says:

    I’m sorry too. I enjoy reading Andy’s blog. He will have it back soon. (I hope so) Other than that,I hope your day is going good.

  2. Doris Braswell says:

    Andy is back.