snowballWhile on vacation last week with the kids in New York, we drove upstate about an hour to check out Bear Mountain State Park. It was a neat place with a lot of snow still on the ground. While taking a hike toward the fort, outdoor zoo, and other attractions there, a snowball came from out of nowhere toward me. I looked up just in time to see it. I think Matt threw it. He missed that time. But, he did get me more than once. I got him too. It was a lot of fun throwing snowballs.

Spiritual warfare is a little like that. You never know when or where or how you will be attacked. Spiritual warfare, though, is not fun. Jesus told Peter once that Satan wanted to sift him to see what he was made of. Peter lost that battle. He thought he was ready. You may think you’re ready, but you may want to think again before you get your feet knocked out from you. How do you get ready for spiritual warfare? Read the verses from this LINK and you’ll have a fighting chance.