Rhonda and I went to the mall yesterday.  We stopped by Sears because we wanted to check out the treadmills.  I burned about 10 calories trying out several machines before treating myself to lunch at Subway.  Pretty cool.  Walk on a treadmill for a few minutes and then eat.  We’ve talked about getting one of those things for several years.  Some people get them and never really use them.  We’ve been told that we would do the same and that we’d be better off buying one from someone who didn’t use there’s.

Getting in shape is one of the top resolutions on people’s list each year.  It’s important to get in shape and be healthy.  That’s why we’re going to work on it this year.  But there is a more important “get in shape” than the physical one.  And that’s spiritual fitness.  A lot of people talk about improving their spiritual health, but do little about it (just like physical health).

Getting into spiritual health does not require a lot of money.  In fact, you can do it with little or no money.  All you need is a little time (the same is true for physical health . . . walking is free and only takes a little time).  I challenge you to get into spiritual shape this year.  Take time each day to read your Bible (if you don’t have one, go to Bible Gateway, it’s free).  You can start by reading the Gospel of John.  Or maybe you’d enjoy reading from the Book of Acts, Genesis, or Psalms.  Read a chapter a day.  Read something that you enjoy.  After reading, take a moment and ask yourself, “What could I learn from this?”  or “What does this mean for me?” or “What do I need to work on in my life?”

After reading the Bible, pray.  Tell God how awesome He is.  Thank God for everything in your life (the good and the bad).  Get honest with God.  Tell him what’s on your mind (he already knows your thoughts; he wants you to get real with him about everything).  Ask God to bless others.  Ask God to take meet your needs.  Let God have his will in your life.  God is more interested in real conversation than a rehearsed ritual prayer.

For starters, don’t worry about the time.  If you don’t want to spend an hour (or more) with God, don’t.  But make some time to spend with God and make it count.  Be real.  Don’t rush it.  Just like getting in physical shape requires time and commitment, so does getting in spiritual shape.

If you are not enjoying life, it may be because you’re out of spiritual shape.  So, suck it up and get in shape.  You won’t regret it.