I am so thankful for River Ridge.  For a new church that averages around 45 people, we gave $325 to help missionaries share God’s love.  That’s awesome!  You guys rock.  Sunday was a great day.  Andy did a bang-up job Sunday.  Thanks to the set-up and connection teams as well.  I’m looking forward to a much needed vacation.  Rhonda and I are in NYC right now.  The sky was clear and we got great views of the Statue of Liberty and downtown from the plane.  There is still a lot of snow and ice here (especially in front of Katie’s apartment).

As Christmas nears remember the reason for the season!

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  1. robinedmonds says:

    Sam Hope you and Rhoda have a blast in New York. Please just send me some snow. I want some snowfall for Christmas. Since you are in New York just send me a little bit of snow or bring some back for me. Just Kidding. You guys have a blast with the girls in NYC and we’ll see you in the new year.