Rhonda and I have gone back and forth about Christmas presents this year.  It’s gone something like this: we’re giving each other something, we’re not giving each other something; we’re only filling our stockings, we’re not filling our stockings; we’re not giving each other anything, we’re giving each other something.  After going back and forth and back and forth and everywhere in between, we have finally decided that we are not giving each other anything.  It will be weird.  It’s the first time since we’ve been together that we will not exchange gifts.

So, what are we going to do?  We are giving our girls and a few family members a gift.  But instead of spending money on each other, we have decided to give a family we know a gift.  The neat thing is that we don’t expect or want anything in return.  We just want to bring a litte joy to someone else.  Also, we are giving Jesus a gift this Sunday at River Ridge.  The reason we were having such a hard time about this whole Christmas gift thing was that, deep down, both of us wanted to give to others rather than receive this year.

I’m not telling you to do that.  I’m just sharing with you our struggle and decision about giving each other a gift.  I do encourage you, though, to give Jesus a gift this year.  Don’t leave him off your list.  And don’t give him the leftovers either.  He gave up heaven for a season so he die for our sins.  We could never repay that gift, nor should we try to repay it.  I just think giving Jesus a gift that helps other people know who he is and helps people brings a smile to his face.  So, bring a smile to Jesus’ face.  Give him a gift this Sunday.