thomas edisonYou will have many opportunities in life to keep your mouth shut: You should take advantage of every one of them.”  Thomas Edison

I have said things I regret.  There have been many times when I should have keep my mouth shut and did not.  It seemed that I found my foot in my mouth quite often.  While living in Orlando one of our good friends, Karen, taught me a very practical and visual way to keep my mouth shut.  When a thought comes to mind and that little voice inside says, “Don’t say it!” all you do is act like you are closing an imaginary zipper on your mouth.  After zipping your “mouth zipper,” use your imaginary key to lock the zipper.  Then, throw the imaginary key over your shoulder and smile!

You may think that’s kind of childish; but it works for me (at least most of the time).

Maybe you’re prone to saying things you later regret.  If so, learn to zip it.  It’s a lot easier to keep your mouth shut than it is to repair the damage after the words are out.  Who knows, you may even learn the art of listening or things about other people you didn’t know.  You might learn something about yourself when take the opportunity to keep your mouth shut and listen to what others are saying.

So, when you are tempted to speak up or out, take a moment to check your zipper!