I’ve thought a lot about worship lately.  Worship is at the core of everything we do.  God demands our worship of him.  Nothing should compete with our worship of him.  Nothing should get in the way of our worship of him.  We should remove every obstacle that gets in the way of worship.

Worship is not for us.  It is not for our benefit.  Worship that is focused on God pleases him, and in turn, God meets us in a powerful way.

Worship has little to do with a “feeling” either.  We don’t worship God to get a “feeling.”  We do it because God commanded us to do it.  I believe when we give God the glory he is due, praise him for who he is, sing to please him, thank him for everything (including the things we don’t like in our lives), seek his will, and commit to following him regardless of the cost, God meets us.  Our faith grows.  We receive forgiveness.  We experience grace.  That’s worship.

It has nothing to do with us or a feeling.  I am convinced when a group (we could say a congregation) really worship (or lift up the name of Jesus),  God’s spirit points spiritual seekers to Jesus.  God uses real worship to save people from their sin.  People want to be in a place where real worship happens.  It is exciting.  But that only comes when we worship the way God wants us to worship.

So, when you go to church this Sunday don’t expect a feeling.  Just go to church because God wants you to gather with others and worship him.  Give God your best . . . song, prayer, attention, offering, and thanks.  Do it even if no one around you is doing it.  Focus on God.  Don’t worry about the stuff of worship