I spent the evening at the Carrollton Baptist Association annual meeting.  The focus last night was missions.  It was awesome.  Several churches who had been on a mission trip either in the US or overseas had table set up to show others what they had done.  River Ridge had a table.  We are a mission!  We are on mission.  We are doing mission “work” in our own backyard.  Several stopped to talk with me.  Many loved our “Life” postcard.  life without the right paper

Our “egg drop” was a huge favorite among the crowd.  A lot of people told me that it must be exciting to be just one year old with an average attendance of 50.   A few of those I talked with are going to tell friends and relatives about us.  Others want to know more about us.

Besides the great conversation I had, the music was good.  The testimonies were great.  The message was powerful.  The Spirit of the Lord was there.  As I was leaving, the host pastor told me that he prayed for me and our church every Sunday.  That’s powerful.  I thanked him for his prayers.  And I asked him to continue because the spiritual warfare is real every week.  There are a lot of great people who love Jesus and want to see His kingdom grow.