We will not put fresh flowers on the altar (okay, we don’t have a traditional altar where we keep offering plates or put the juice/crackers for the Lord’s Supper).  Even if we did have an altar, we won’t put flowers on it.

What should we do?  Should we decorate at all?  Should we have a table with a sign that says “things men struggle with” and put stuff that we struggle with it on it?  Since it’s church and many people think of food when they think of church, maybe we could put a bucket of chicken on it.  No, that would be a distraction.  I’d have a hard time teaching while smelling chicken all morning.  How about putting a rustic cross or maybe some big nails and a hammer on it?

Okay guys, I want to hear from you.  I’ve talked about church for men.  What should we do?  Maybe we should not decorate at all.  I’m for that!  A plain altar is just fine with me.  What do you think?