I’ve been thinking about what Revolution Church and Oakleaf Church are doing at Easter this year.  They’re doing an “Egg Drop.”  Basically, these guys are using a helicopter to drop between 10,000 and 20,000 eggs from a few hundred feet.  When I heard about this, I thought these guys were nuts.  But what did I do today.  I checked on the price of renting a helicopter ($520/hour).  For a church our size that’s a lot of money and I may be crazy, but going BIG makes a statement.  Who knows, maybe River Ridge will rent a helicopter, hoist some eggs up in the air, and drop them all over Fairplay Middle School’s football field.

Speaking of the school, I stopped by today to follow-up on an idea.  Before the Chrsitmas break, I asked the PE teachers about us doing a “Biggest Loser” thing.  They’ve talked about it and are going to do a 12 week after-school fitness program starting in March.  I’m pumped!  River Ridge is going to be involved by providing water, doing videos of the students, and a blog site dedicated for the project.  This is awesome. 

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  1. I wish I lived close enough to participate in all this.