Some of us have talked about making sure River Ridge is a man’s church.  In the typical American church about 61% of the adult congregation is female.  Yet, 90% of men believe in God and 5 out of six call themselves Christians.  But only 2 in 6 can be found in church on any given Sunday.  And a lot of guys who show up often seem bored or out of place.Someone suggested that men avoid any behavior (or venue) that might call their manhood into question.  How many guys do you see at baby showers or fabric stores? Apparently a lot of men believe church is a “women’s thing.”   Men are wild at heart.  And Jesus was no wimp.  Men get into big dreams and taking risks.  Church should be an adventure.  Creating a “man” church is not easy.  But we are working on it. 

2 Comments on Why men hate going to church

  1. Andy says:

    I totally agree, there should be more men to step up to the plate, put their “Godly” pants on, and be the leader in their home. It’s tough being a man and then placing all the “power” or “control” over to someone else-especially God. Our time and HIS time isn’t the same which in turn, disturbs us. Therefore, we just need to continue to pray for the men in Douglasville, in our church and all over so that we may stand together and be one IN Christ.

  2. Tim O says:

    All I can say is DITTO ANDY