I’ve been out of my regular routine for the past few days.  As a result, I haven’t blogged very well.  My bad.  Maybe I’ll get into a new routine tomorrow.

Random Thoughts …

  • Carlton and I had a staff meeting today.  Sunday is going to be awesome.
  • Michael Phelps amazes me.  The man can flat out swim!
  • I’m working on our re-launch.  Pray for 200!
  • The message this Sunday will challenge you.  I mean it!
  • I’m meeting with Brian Bloye tomorrow (he’s the pastor of West Ridge).
  • It’s quiet around the house; Rhonda’s back at school.
  • I’m watching a little bit of the Olympics.  Some of it is interesting.  Some is boring.
  • I live in a great neighborhood.  We hang out in the cul-de-sac often.
  • I did not cut my grass this week!
  • I’m looking forward to Sunday.