Rhonda and I going on a date tonight. We are going to pick up some dinner at the food court (we are on a budget) before heading over to the theater. She told me she wanted to watch either Mama Mia or The Dark Knight.

the dark knight

Duh! We’re watching The Dark Knight. I think it’s my turn to pick out the movie, so NO chick flick tonight. I think we’ll both enjoy this one. If you’ve seen either of these movies, let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

By the way, Sunday is going to be awesome. Taylor and a buddy of his are stepping up to lead the singing on Sunday. We’ve got some great music picked out. I was at band practice last night. It was cool to hang out the guys. I did get bored, so I picked up a ball and glove to practice my pitching. Maybe I can get a contract with the Braves to help pay the bills.