I’ve been preparing to teach this Sunday.  The Heroes Redefined series continues.  I’ve had a tough time getting ready for this one.  The topic is great: 2nd Chances.  The idea is that God gives everyone a second chance.  The problem is the character of the study: Samson.  As I read his story I could not help but think “this guy is not a role model for godly living.”  I kept wondering why I picked this guy.

Last night about 11:30, it clicked.  He is not a role model.  The guy was self-centered and did what he wanted.  He loved women (okay, he loved sex).  He lied.  He deceived people.  Samson, while physically strong, was weak spiritually and emotionally.

Despite all of that, God gave him a second chance.  A lot of us are like Samson.  Our lives are messed up.  We may wonder why in the world God puts up with us.  We want to change, but we don’t know how.  We put on our game face and act like everything is cool.  We carry around a lot of guilt and shame.  Inside, we are a wreck.  But here’s the thing: God stills accepts us, loves us, forgives us, and will use us.  Why don’t we just let him take our guilt so we can enjoy life.  Second chances are great!

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  1. hancock9988@comcast.net says:

    Without the Good Lord’s second chances, my life would be very different. He has forgiven my sins and given my life directions.