I survived the dentist today.  After getting settled in the seat and a dab of something to numb my gums, the dentist came in and gave me about 7 or 8 shots.  Once my bottom lip felt about 5 times larger than it was, the dentist starting pulling my wisdom teeth and one other tooth beyond repair.  It was over in less than an hour.  I looked at my teeth in the tray.  That was weird.

While I was getting that done, Rhonda picked up some pain pills and took me home.  I love pain pills.  I thought I would not need them, but I love them.  I can tell when they start wearing off.  I can tell when they kick in.  Life is good without pain.

Yet, a little pain in life is normal and necessary.  Pain has a way of pointing us to God and keeping us on our knees.  Pain reminds us that life is fragile.  Pain helps us mature in our faith.  So, the next time you’re having some pain (physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual) just remember that God is reaching out to walk with you through it.

1 Comment on Got It Done

  1. David says:

    Don’t you just love it when ,after those 7 or 8 shots, the Dentist says rinse!!!!!!!