Yesterday flat out rocked.  We had a few minor things with a new setup, but they were minor.  After 40 people stayed after worship for pizza and coke.  Everyone at the  partnership meeting agreed to become a River Ridge partner!  Cool.

Rich, from Diamond Starz, told everyone how excited he was that we are using their facility for worship.  He is a neat guy who loves the Lord.  The place worked well for us.  I spoke to almost everyone after the service, and everyone I spoke to said the place is great.  God is good.

2 Comments on Sunday was awesome

  1. Tim O says:

    YES IT DID ROCK!!!!!
    GOD IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel that we are at the right place and with the right partner ( Rich )
    It feels right and I can see us GROW here and I feel that partnering with Rich the growth will be magnified many times over !!!!!!!


  2. Tim O says:

    I also wanted to say THANKS to all my brothers and sisters who agreed to become a partner of River Ridge that is awsome and ya all ROCK and TOGETHER WE ALL WILL ROCK IN BRINGING PEOPLE TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!