One of the tasks I had to complete for my doctorate was to interview a pastor from a  large mega-church. The pastor I interviewed told me that if I wanted to lead a large church I would need to work at least 80 hours a week. As we discussed this further he told me that he rarely spent time with his wife and children because of his commitment to the Lord’s work.

I left the interview thinking that I would never pastor a large church because I valued family more than leading a large church. I believed it was important to nurture my relationship with my wife and to teach my children to love God. Throughout my short years on this earth I have sought to balance my life with a healthy relationship with God, family, and work.

A lot of us struggle with balance. So many things demand our attention and draw us away from what’s really important. It is easy for your desire to climb the corporate ladder, bathe in the lap of luxury, or hear the applause of others that you easily neglect your spouse and children. Some are so seduced that they rationalize their craving as “God’s will.”

I have told several guys throughout my ministry that you only get one chance to impact your kids while they are growing up. Birthdays, ball games, school plays, backyard games, vacations, and other events come and quickly go. Once gone, they are gone. The same is true of romancing your spouse. Believe me, time flies by. Make the most of every minute.
So, with thought in mind, here are a few tips I borrowed and adapted from a recent article about balancing family and officiating my friend Randy recently shared with me …

  • Plan a family vacation
  • Deal with your daily frustrations before you get home
  • Plan a family vacation
  • Call if you’re running late
  • Avoid spending too much time away

As you grow older and death draws nearer, I hope you will be one of those persons who is surrounded by kids, grandkids, and other loved ones … not dying alone in a nursing home bed. Do everything you can to protect and preserve your family!