A few years ago Rick Warren wrote in The Purpose Driven Life these words: “It’s not about you.” In this short best seller Warren explained how you can find your purpose in life. So many of us just exist in this world without any real sense of aspiration, motivation, and fulfillment. We’re not happy; we just do stuff and hope that tomorrow will be better.

Rhonda and I started a study of the life of Joseph this week (see Genesis 37). In the opening scene we learn that Joseph’s father loved him more than his brothers and they hated him for it. To add fuel to their fire, a young 17 year old Joseph shared a dream that he would rule over them one day! His brothers had had enough. They sold him into slavery and convinced their dad that Joseph had been killed by a wild animal.

I don’t know about you, but I would have had a hard time if I had been Joseph. It’s one thing to know that your brothers hate you . . . it’s another for them to throw you into a pit and then sell you into slavery. The life that Joseph had known had been stolen from him. He was beginning an unknown future with little or no hope for real change. Everything changed. All he had was the memory of a father’s love and the knowledge of God.

I think if I had been in Joseph’s shoes I would have been focusing on me! What about you? Would you have been having a great big ole pity party?

One of the reasons we struggle with hardship is that we have not realized that life is not about us. It’s about God. You see, God had a purpose for Joseph that no one else could see. The dreams Joseph had pulled the veil back just a little for him and his brothers. Over the next few years Joseph may have wondered what in the world was God doing. But I believe that he clung to a faith in God that keep him on his feet.

What is your purpose? Why did God create you? Spend some time discovering the answer and you will find real satisfaction and meaning to life.