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There are some topics people don’t like to talk about. Billboards and TV ads of overweight kids and their parents in Georgia have gotten national attention. Critics have accused the creators of the ads of humiliating the kids and their parents. Others have said that the ads will do little to address the problem because guilt rarely motivates people to change. Whatever!

Georgia has the second highest obesity rate in the United States. I believe it. Not too long long ago Rhonda and I saw a kid with his family in a local mall waddling (that’s right, I said waddling not walking) in the store. This kid was about 5 or 6 and was really large. Shameful! His parents are not parenting well in the food department. This boy, and all of those other kids who are overweight, needs to eat more veggies and fruit, eat less fast food, and play outside for hours.

I say that it’s time to stop sugarcoating the problem. Fat kids need parents who will parent. Parenting is not easy . . . real love means saying no more often than yes to endless candy requests, demands for fast food burgers/fries, and hypnotized gazes at video games. Parents, cook healthy meals and make your kids go outside and actually play.

And while I’m at it, churches need to stop sugarcoating the message of Jesus Christ. There is only one way to heaven and God actually expects his children to live like his children.

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