This past weekend Rhonda and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in south Georgia. As always, I’ll talk to anyone who will listen. So, I started a conversation with our waitress at breakfast on Sunday morning. At first she did not believe I was a minister (because it was Sunday morning and she said that preachers were always in church on Sunday). Anyway, Rhonda and I talked with her about the difference between religion and relationship. It was a great conversation. It was one of those “God-moments” where God was present. She listened and asked questions. This young lady was searching for more than just a religious experience … she was looking for a real relationship with God. Before leaving, she hugged us and thanked us for talking with her. We pray that God will continue drawing her to himself!

God is at work all around you. You never know when one of those God-appointed appointments will come to you. Be ready to share the hope of Christ. Be real. Don’t preach. Don’t judge. Listen. Share the love of Christ. Remember, every follower of Jesus is his “ambassador” in this world. When those moments come, love them and talk to them like Jesus would have.