Rhonda and I have been watching a PBS series called “God in America.” As we were watching one of the episodes last night about the role of evangelists as our country expanded into the west, I thought about the courage of those men and the spiritual state of my generation. I wondered what I was doing to impact my world for the gospel.

I have been the pastor of a three churches, planted a church, and share the gospel regularly. Through the years I have led many to Christ … but, I don’t feel like I’m making the impact as those early preachers did.

The state of spirituality in America is good. People are interested in spiritual things. However, I would argue that the state of Christianity is not that good. Church attendance is down nationwide. In my state of Georgia only 1 in 10 people attend church each week. Baptisms are down in most churches. And it just seems to me that most churches don’t really care to impact their communities.

I have been praying for an American spiritual awakening. It’s time for change … in my heart, yours, our churches, and our country. When will we take the Great Commission of Jesus Christ seriously?