Rhonda and I watched a television program about the role of faith in American history (I don’t remember the name of the program or what network). The program focused on religion in the early colonial period leading up to the American revolution.

By the way, my wife is amazing when it comes to her knowledge of U.S. history. She filled in some of the blanks for me as we watched the program. Rhonda makes history fun!

The program talked about how some preachers, lay people, and church-goers challenged the status quo of their day. Those in the established churches did not like it and did all they could to silence a growing movement toward religious freedom. Among those mentioned were Anne Hutchinson and George Whitfield.

The influence both played in leading people to real faith is not only amazing, it is inspirational. They stood up to those who tried to silence them because obeying God was more important than obeying men. They wanted their generation to experience a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ!

As I watched the program I thought about the church planters and others of our day who challenge the status quo. Our generation deserves to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. May we be the ones who share the truth … and the ones who stand in the way!