Yesterday, I stopped by a new cafe that opened next to the school.  Within a few minutes, questions about the egg drop were asked.  At a chamber meeting this afternoon, more questions were asked about the egg drop.  Nothing negative.  Amazing?  I don’t think so.

We did what God wanted us to do: host a 10,000 egg drop in Douglasville.  God knew how many people would show up.  He didn’t share that with us.  Why?  It doesn’t matter.  I believe God wanted west GA to know that Easter is about him, not eggs.  I believe God wanted to remind people in west GA who pursue stuff that it will never satisfy like he can.  I believe God wanted to show people in west GA that their life is empty without him.

I believe God wants River Ridge to keep following him.  I believe God wants River Ridge to trust him to take care of his own reputation.  That’s not our job!  Wow.  I think God used this event to teach us more about him than we may have realized.  That is awesome.

1 Comment on The Egg Drop Buzz Continues for a Reason

  1. Tim O says:

    All I can say AMEN!
    WOW you are so intune with our GOD!