Rhonda and I enjoyed some grilled spam tonight. Yep, I grilled it. And it was good. Rhonda asked me while eating if I would have hidden the can in grocery cart. I told her that I would not have hidden it. I am a proud of a little spam now and then.

Spam does get a bad rap. I have seen a car drive over a can of Spam. As the spam popped out, it was gross. People make fun of it. Jokes and poems have been written about Spam. Here is an excerpt from a Spam poem:

On some corporate farm, a pig has died. Eyes, tongue, and snout end up inside that cube of Spam hidden in the can I now hold in my trembling hand.

I know Spam is made of ham and um, um, um … Well, it doesn’t really matter. It’s good. We enjoyed it. Clean-up was easy since we grilled it rather than frying it.

No shame here.