Not long after I had become a Christ-follower, I sensed that God wanted me to become a pastor. I wrestled with God for over three months. At that time I did not want to be a pastor. I offered all kinds of excuses and “reasons” but none of them were legitimate. In February of 1979 I decided to do what God wanted me to do.

Over the next few months I did all I could do the get ready for my first pastoral job. I started college. I led a revival team at the college. I filled in for pastors who were out. I studied my Bible. I wrote sermons. I prayed. I shared my faith story. I waited.

As the months become years, I began to wonder if I had missed my calling! Why would God ask you to do something and then not give it to you? That became a lingering question on my heart. I was serving as a part-time youth pastor; but I was convinced that God wanted me to be a full-time pastor. At the time I could not understand what was taking so long.

I waited for seven long years for God to fulfill his call on my life. The first church I pastored was High Shoals Baptist Church. I was pumped. It was exciting to began fulfilling my life purpose. Over the next 25 or so years, I served God as a full-time pastor.

That is not the case right now. After sensing God’s call to plant a church, I left the comfortable world of an established church to do something that would impact hundreds of lives for God’s kingdom. While River Ridge did impact several people, we had to close it due to finances this past September. For the first time in years I have not been a full time pastor.

The past six months have been tough. I miss being a pastor . . . teaching a crowd God’s word each week . . . helping people grow in their faith . . . seeing lives changed. I long to be in a position again where I can impact people with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

God took seven years to prepare me for my first pastor position. I wonder if he is taking seven months to prepare me for the next one. I don’t know.

Waiting on God is not easy. Maybe you’re waiting on God to do something in your life. You have prayed about it. Perhaps you sense it’s God will. Yet, you don’t understand what’s taking God so long to fulfill his purpose in your life. Waiting is hard. Abraham waited a long time for God to fulfill his dream of a son. Hang in there. That is what real faith is all about.

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